NYC School Zone Speed Cameras Law Goes Into Effect

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NYC’s new “Vision Zero” tactic is increasing even further starting on July 18th, 2019. The newly imposed NYC school zone speed cameras law come into play this month as a city-wide effort to decrease the number of traffic-related fatalities. Speeding is the number one cause of traffic fatalities and this strategy has already proven successful in other school zones. The legislation had been signed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo back in May and transportation and elected officials are well on their way to get these cameras in place.

NYC School Zone

These cameras have seen a steady increase in the number of people caught speeding. While officials hope that these cameras will encourage people to slow down, the likelihood of combating this problem entirely is unlikely. If you receive a school zone speeding ticket, contact My Ticket NYC to discuss your options.

What Is NYC’s Vision Zero?

New York City’s action planned, dubbed “Visions Zero” is a movement that protects the public. The concept hopes to make rural and city streets safer for pedestrians, children, and even animals. 4,000 people are injured in a car-related accident every year in New York, so city officials means to see an end to these tragedies. The NYC school zone speed cameras law is just one in a series of steps these proposition plans to take to bite the bullet on New York’s unacceptable traffic issues.

What Does The NYC School Zone Speed Cameras Law Mean?

There are roughly 160 zones that have the NYC school zone speed cameras in place. So far, this tact has proven to be useful in saving lives by forcing drivers to slow down so that they don’t get a speeding ticket from the quick-acting camera monitors. There will be an additional 750 cameras set up around New York, including East Tremont Avenue and Anthony Avenue in the Bronx.

Cars going 10 mph over the speed limit will automatically be photographed by these cameras and they will get a $50 speeding ticket. Most city streets are set at a limit of 25 mph, so this is an easy rule to overlook. The cameras working hours will also be doubled from here on out. These NYC school zone speed cameras will now be operating year-round, including weekdays between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.

What To Do If You Get A Ticket From A NYC School Zone Speeding Camera

These new NYC school zone speed cameras will be issuing tickets left and right to unwary drivers. If you receive a camera speeding ticket in the mail, you only have a few options. You can pay the $50 fee or you can fight the ticket with the help of a speeding ticket attorney.

There are a number of defenses for this new law. If the camera issues a ticket outside of school hours or if you can prove there had been other cars beside you, you can have your ticket waived.

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