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Monroe is a small coastal town that New Yorkers run to for summer vacations. It’s an ideal, quaint town with just under 10,000 residents. With small towns such as this, it’s not uncommon for cops to hand idle vacations a ticket for running a red light. However, if you feel that your red light ticket in Monroe, NY is unfounded, there is no harm in trying to fight this claim.

Red Light Ticket

People are naturally hesitant about contacting a lawyer for small traffic violations like this. However, there are serious repercussions to this minor incident, that will only increase with each “minor” fault. Instead, a quick ten minute phone call with My Ticket NYC can save you from all that trouble. For now, here’s what you need to know about driving in Monroe, NY.

Red Light Camera Tickets and Yellow Lights

More and more, red light cameras are the dominating cause for a red light ticket in Monroe, NY. You won’t know it until it finds its way into your mailbox. It seems unavoidable, but that revelation is far from the truth. It’s all in the writing. According to Driving Laws, in New York, “a red light camera ticket is $50, and the conviction won’t go on the driver’s record or affect insurance premiums.” That’s because there is no solid way to prove these claims.

Also, if a police officer pulls you over after you pass under a yellow light, they might be in the wrong. The meaning of a yellow light in New York acts as a warning of an impending red light. You are not violating the law if you pass within the intersection while the light is still yellow, even if it switches to red before you fully cross. Likewise, the yellow light must remain on for 3 seconds in the state of New York.

Fines and Penalties For Running Red Light in Monroe

Fines always depend on the situation at hand. Running a red light can mean something as simple as a $50 fine or it can evolve to a case of reckless driving. Generally speaking, running a red light in Monroe, NY will be just enough to issue three demerit points on your driving record. 

For places like Monroe Village, these are the types of fines you will be subject to pay:

  • 50-100 for the first offense
  • $100-$200 for the second offense in 18 months
  • $250-$400 for the third offense in 18 months

And remember, fighting this traffic charge does not always mean you will need to come back to appear in court. With the right red light ticket attorney like My Ticket  NYC, we will fight the charges so that you don’t accrue points or your license or pay any fines.

How To Fight Your Red Light Ticket in Monroe, NY

The only wait to fight these red light ticket is through the aid of a red light ticket attorney. At My Ticket NYC, we have the tools and the information you will need to get out of your red light ticket in Monroe, NY.

Call My Tickets NYC, Queens for NYC’s best red light ticket lawyers today. We can help relieve you of your problems at 917-426-2WIN (2946) or complete the e-mail form.

What To Do If You Get A Speeding Ticket In NY Catskills

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Upstate New York is a great place to take the edge off and get away from the city hassle. While you’re up in the Catskills, the last thing you’d expect is to get a speeding ticket in New York, but these things happen. Police officers are a bit more strict about administrating traffic tickets in these rural streets, so it’s important to stay vigilant. You may not be familiar with the area, but it’s always safe to assume that there is a watchful officer just around every corner.

Speeding Ticket

It’s always best to practice safe driving techniques, especially in vacation areas. However, if you are aware that you had not been speeding, or could not see the speed limit due to a signage block and you wish to fight your speeding ticket, contact My Tickets NYC. A speeding ticket attorney who dominates traffic claims in places like Queens and NYC will be able to help you fight your ticket from the New York Catskills.

Traffic Summons

As with any standard speeding ticket in NY, the first thing you will have to wait for is your traffic summons. This should come to your driver’s license address within a short period of time. You will need to send in your plea of guilty or not guilty before the listing summons date on your summons.

Don’t be so quick to sign up for a guilty plea. The fines in the Catskills can be steep, and you don’t want to put points on your license. If you are at least contemplating fighting this ticket, contact My Ticket NYC for a free consultation and information about the next steps.

First Time Offense For Speeding Ticket in NY Catskills

If you have never been given a speeding ticket in NY, then you will be blown away by the small claims fee for a ticket in Catskills. Here is a breakdown of the fines and points you will face:

10 mph or less

  • Minimum fine of $45 with a maximum fine of $150. That doesn’t include the $80-90 surcharge fee and the 3 points on your license.

11-30 mph

  • Minimum fine of $90 with a maximum fine of $300. Surcharge fees can reach up to $93 and you may face 4-6 points on your license and 30 days imprisonment.

31 mph or over

  • Minimum fine of $180 with a maximum fine of $600. Surcharge fees can reach up to $93 and you may face 8-11 points on your license and 30 days imprisonment.

Consider Hiring A Speeding Ticket Attorney

A speeding ticket attorney will actually save you money on your speeding ticket in NY. Don’t tarnish your Catskills memories from the minor inditement. Fighting these types of tickets are not as complex as they appear.

A quick ten minute phone call will be worth it do avoid these fees, point, and potential jail time.

Call My Tickets NYC NYC, Queens for NYC’s best traffic ticket lawyers today. We can help relieve you of your problems at 917-426-2WIN (2946) or complete the e-mail form.

What You Need To Know About Reckless Driving in New York City

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In New York, reckless driving is considered more than just a traffic violation. It is actually filed as a misdemeanor, which is a crime. This type of erratic driving has been the cause of many personal injury claims and even fatalities. The state of New York is not lenient in these cases and there is a chance that jail time will have to be served.

Reckless Driving in New York

If you need to talk to a criminal ticket attorney, contact one of our lawyers at My Tickets NYC. We have helped many of our clients deal with the legalities of this situation and represent them in court to obtain lesser penalties. Before you do, here is everything you need to know about reckless driving in New York:

What Is Considered Reckless Driving

The manner of driving that constitutes “reckless” is anything that violates the proper use of the public highway or puts others at risk on the public highway. You will be ticketed for reckless driving if you have endangered others or have clearly violated the free use of the road. There are a few ways to monitor this type of driving, all of which are subject to stiff penalties:


Speeding the presence of pedestrians without showing intent to slow down is a speeding violation for reckless driving. Speeding on the highway while cutting off vehicles is another example. Driving well beyond the speed limit will also earn you a ticket for reckless driving as opposed to a simple speeding ticket.

Ignoring the Standard Rules of the Road

Rules of the road such as making U-turns across traffic and crossing in front of oncoming traffic are signs that the driver is ignoring the rules of the road. This is considered reckless driving and can become a criminal offense.

Driving Under the Influence

If you are issued a DUI, there are circumstances where this charge can be lessened to an act of reckless driving. However, hefty fines will still be issued as will a criminal record.

Penalties For Reckless Driving in New York

You will automatically accrue 5 points on your driver’s license for one reckless driving indictment. A second offense will double to 10 points and so on. Not to mention there will be jail time, subsequent court fees and a permanent criminal record, the latter of which can be damaging for job opportunities, immigration status, or even getting into college.

First offense: $100-$300 in fines and/or up to 30 days in jail.

Second offense within 18 months: $100-$525 in fines and/or up to 90 days in jail.

Third or subsequent offense within 18 months: $100-$1,125 in fines and/or up to 180 days in jail.

Read more about the penalties here.

What You Should Do If You Get A Ticket for Reckless Driving

If you have been given a ticket for reckless driving, you need to hire a criminal traffic ticket attorney. They will help you prepare your case to try to have your driving charge lessened or removed. My Tickets NYC in Queens has NYC’s best criminal traffic ticket lawyers, We can help relieve you of your criminal misdemeanor ticket problems. Call or text a picture of your ticket to 917-426-2WIN (2946) or email us at for a free consultation today.

Truck Accident – What You Need To Know

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A truck accident, whether on the job or not needs to be handled delicately. With a truck accident ticket on your record, you could be at risk of losing your job or even jail time. According to the United States Department of Transportation, 56,422 large trucks were involved in injury crashes with a large part of that statistic relating to fatal crashes. As a truck driver, you have to take extra precautions when you are on the highway. Failure to do so can result in a ticket or worse.

Truck Accident

If you have been considered at fault for a truck accident, you will need to contact a trucking ticket attorney. At My Tickets NYC, we have seen plenty of drivers receive their share of accident tickets, and most of the time, the incident occurred from factors that were outside of their control. Talk to one of our lawyers to see how we can save you and your job from the repercussions of a truck accident ticket.

What Causes Truck Accidents

One of the best defenses a trucking ticket attorney can provide you with is lack of negligence. There can be extraneous circumstances that could have contributed to your accident. And sometimes, despite your best efforts, these conditions result in a truck accident. Because of the strict rules that a commercial truck driver must adhere to, it may seem reasonable to automatically assume that you are at fault. However, if these underlying conditions can be proven, it may just save you a ticket.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a common contributor for standard size vehicle accidents. However, if there is a distracted driver sharing the same highway as a commercial size vehicle, the result can be fatal. As long as you can prove reasonable care when driving around these types of drivers, the secondary driver should be found at fault.

Weather Conditions

New York’s seasonal weather conditions can be unpredictable. Truck drivers are instructed on how to drive carefully during these hazardous conditions, but sometimes that icy layer on the road can’t be avoided. Make sure you take into account the weather conditions and what actions you took in order to prevent the accident.

Aggressive Driving

There is no getting away from aggressive drivers, especially in New York. If you see someone driving recklessly on the highway, it is best to keep as far away from these vehicles as possible to prevent yourself from being involved in an accident. Remember that your vehicle can weigh 25 times more than theirs so you do not have as much control over your truck as they do.

New York Truck Accident Laws

New York is a no-fault state, however, federal law makes it so that commercial truck drivers must strictly adhere to company regulations. These regulations are enforced by law in the State of New York to prevent accidents from happening.

Company Rules and Regulations

Generally, companies have to maintain records of employee work hours, substance abuse, driving records and performance reviews. However, sometimes these rules are neglected by some companies and contribute to commercial vehicle accidents.

Speeding and Cautious Driving

As a commercial truck driver, you can get a speeding ticket for going 15 miles over the speed limit. More than one of these will result in a suspension of your license. Failure to drive cautiously and making harmless maneuvers like tailgating or improper lane changes can result in an accident. This is considered a serious traffic offense for anyone with a CDL.

What You Should Do After A Truck Accident

A truck accident is going to be scary. Because of the size of the vehicle, there is a higher chance of injury. Here are the first steps you need to take after being involved in an accident with your commercial vehicle:

Call 911

This is vital. You have ten days to turn in any information about the accident, and failure to do so can put you at risk of losing your license. It’s also important to call 911 to have police and medical records on file right away.

Start Collecting Evidence

After you’ve contacted the authorities, you will need to collect evidence. This includes the other driver’s license, vehicle, and contact information. Videos and photos will be especially telling when representing your case, so do your due diligence to gather as much “intel” as you can while on the scene of the truck accident.

Call A Trucking Ticket Attorney A trucking ticket attorney can help you get out of your truck accident ticket and save you your job, time, and money. Contact My Tickets NYC in Queens for NYC’s best traffic ticket lawyers today we can help relieve you of your Trucking traffic problems. Call or text a picture of your ticket to 917-426-2WIN (2946) or email us at for a free consultation today.

Penalties For Texting and Driving In New York State

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Beginning in 2013, people found texting and driving in New York became subject to harsher consequences. It now automatically carries a violation of 5 points on your driver’s license. In spite of the high traffic point value, there were 2,878 text-related tickets issued in New York in 2016, meaning that people are still willing to text and drive every day.


It can be tempting to want to glance at your phone, especially in New York’s stagnant traffic. The penalties are only going to continue to rise for those who choose to forgo these laws. But if you think that you have been falsely accused of texting and driving, you will need to speak to a cell phone ticket lawyer. The attorneys at My Tickets NYC will be able to help with your case so that you won’t be subject to fines or points on your license.

Permit and CDL Drivers

Those under the age of sixteen or drivers with only their learner’s permit are susceptible to stricter penalties for texting and driving in New York. The first offense is subject to a suspended permit for 120 days. If this happens more than once, their permit will be revoked for a full year.

Those with a commercial driver’s license face the same discriminations. Because their vehicle poses a greater risk, anyone with a CDL caught texting and driving in New York will receive a fine, points on their license and they are at risk of losing their job. Those with a CDL cannot make phone calls, let alone text while in route. They can’t even use their phone while stopped at a location or while sitting in traffic.

Rules For Texting and Driving In New York

According to the New York DMV, cell phones or tablets are considered at use if you are doing any of the following:

  • talking on a handheld mobile telephone
  • composing, sending, reading, accessing, browsing, transmitting, saving, or retrieving electronic data such as e-mail, text messages, or webpages
  • viewing, taking, or transmitting images
  • playing games

The amended 2011 Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1225(d) gives police officers the right to pull anyone over under with an electronic device in their hand. They can act under the presumption of cell phone use, unless the driver can prove otherwise. However, the latter does not typically happen until the driver reaches out to a cell phone ticket lawyer.

Penalties For Texting and Driving

The very first offense for texting and driving in New York is 5 points on your license. You will accrue 5 points for every cell phone ticket issued after that with escalating fines. The first fine for texting is a minimum $50. There is a surcharge of $93 for each ticket, so:

First Offense: $50-$100 fine plus surcharge and 5 points

Second Offense within 18 Months: $50-$250 plus surcharge and 5 points

Third Offense within 18 Months: $50-$450 plus surcharge, 5 points and suspended license

Subsequent Offenses: $50-$450 plus surcharge, 5 points

Why You Need A Cell Phone Ticket Lawyer

New York cell phone ticket lawyers can help you understand your rights. People have to use their cell phones every day, the least of which includes using a GPS. If you have been falsely accused of texting and driving in New York, contact one of our attorneys. My Tickets NYC in Queens has NYC’s best traffic ticket lawyers, We can help relieve you of your cell phone ticket problems. Call or text a picture of your ticket to 917-426-2WIN (2946) or email us at for a free consultation today.

Will A Speeding Ticket Affect My CDL?

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For anyone that drives a commercial grade vehicle, getting a speeding ticket can be devastating. Not only does a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) ticket affect your insurance, but it puts you at the risk of losing your job. The consequences for speeding with this type of license are intentionally harsher than your standard speeding ticket because these trucks impose a higher safety risk due to their size and cargo. 

Speeding Ticket

But how much will a speeding ticket actually affect your commercial driver’s license? The rules vary depending on what state you are in, which is why it is always recommended that you hire an attorney. A CDL trucking ticket lawyer like those of us here at My Tickets NYC, can help you fight your speeding ticket so that you don’t face the risk of losing your livelihood. 

Will I Lose My CDL License For Speeding?

While there are penalties for speeding with a CDL, there is a chance that you won’t lose your license, at least not the first time around. Speeding is considered a serious traffic violation which although may sound daunting, is not the worst-case scenario. A major traffic violation, such as driving under the influence, will be an automatic CDL suspension. However, a serious traffic offense such as speeding will only result in you losing your license depending on your previous driving record.

First Offense: If this is your first commercial speeding ticket, this generally serves as a warning. Make sure to report the violation to your employer as they will more than likely be informed. Honesty is always the best policy. 

Second Offense: You will lose your license if you have received a speeding ticket in your CMVwithin a three-year period. Your license suspension will last at least 60 days. 

Three or More Speeding Violations: You will lose your operating license if you have three or more serious traffic violations within a three-year period. In these cases, your commercial license will be revoked for a minimum of 120 days. 

Penalties For Speeding

Before we get into penalties for speeding with a CDL, let’s first discuss what constitutes a serious traffic violation.

You can get a ticket or have your lose your CDL for:

  • Excessive speeding  (15 mph or higher)
  • Reckless Driving
  • Improper lane changes
  • Following too closely (a/k/a) tailgating)
  • Operating without or with a suspended CDL 
  • Texting while operating a CMV

A commercial trucking driver does not have the luxury of taking defensive driving course or simply paying the ticket in order to keep points off their license. If you get a speeding ticket, your commercial driver’s license will start accruing points. Here is how the point system works for commercial truck drivers:

  • 3 Points: 1-10 miles an hour over the speed limit
  • 4 points: 11-20 miles per hour over the speed limit
  • 6 Points: 21-30 mph over the speed limit
  • 11 Points: 40 mph and over the speed limit

If you obtained over 11 points within a one-year period, your CDL will be revoked for an entire year. 

What Should I Do If I Get A Ticket While Working Under CDL?

Your CDL is like your punch-in card. Without it, you can’t go to work. That’s why it’s not really an option to leave your speeding ticket without a fight. You will need a CDL trucking ticket lawyer in order to get your points or your CDL suspension lifted. 

Contact My Tickets NYC in Queens for NYC’s best traffic ticket lawyers today to help relieve you of your CDL traffic problems. Call or text a picture of your ticket to 917-426-2WIN (2946) or email us at for a free no obligatory consultation.

How To Get Out Of A Speeding Ticket

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The last thing that anyone has time (or money) for is a speeding ticket. Despite our best efforts, most people tend to raise their speedometer over the speeding limit just a little bit. Whether you were going two miles over or fifteen, any violation of the speed limit sign gives cause for a speeding ticket.

speeding ticket

A traffic ticket attorney is key in helping you get out of a speeding ticket, and before you think about court expenses, you want to call My Tickets NYC, for a free consultation. Here are some key facts you need to know about how to get out of a speeding ticket:

Types of Speed Limits

It’s important to understand the types of speed limits before we can discuss how to get out of a speeding ticket. Most states use the same basic principles when it comes to the types of speed limits, but you can ask your criminal ticket attorney for specific information.

Absolute: An absolute speeding ticket is plain and simple: you were speeding. If the sign limit says 55 mph and you were going 56, a police officer retains the right to issue a speeding ticket. You can fight this by saying there was an emergency, but it will be up to the officer whether or not to pursue the violation.

Presumed: A presumed speeding ticket works in direct reflection of the road’s conditions at the time. If you were speeding during a rainstorm, in heavy traffic, or in a construction area, an officer can pull you over on the presumption that you were driving above the speed limit.

Basic:A basic speeding ticket also refers to the conditions at the time. Even if you were driving at or even below the speed limit, the basic speed law prohibits drivers from driving recklessly during unsafe conditions. This can be in reference to the weather or the traffic.

How To Reduce Your Speeding Ticket

You can always choose to mitigate your speeding ticket. This is done at the court’s discretion and involves a pretrial conference with the prosecution. It would be handy to have a traffic ticket attorney lawyer by your side during these proceedings. They can help coordinate your case to help you reduce your speeding ticket.

During the mitigation process, the court will determine whether or not your speeding ticket qualifies for a reduction. Come to court prepared with proof to support your need for leniency. If they rule in your favor, they may lower the speeding ticket costs, offer a payment plan system, and you might not even have to take the driving test or take points on your license.

How To Fight Your Speeding Ticket

Unsurprisingly, most people who get a speeding ticket don’t try to fight it. However, if you feel very strongly that you were not in the wrong and want to dispute your traffic ticket points and fees altogether, you will need evidence to support your claim. Here is what you will need to gather:

Witnesses: If someone was in the car with you at the time you were pulled over, have them come into court to back you up on your claim that you were not speeding.

GPS Data: Most smartphone devices keep track of your GPS data. Your phone should be able to prove that you were actually sticking to the required legal limit.

Blocked Speed Limit Signs: If you can get photo evidence that a speed limit sign has been obstructed, it can help you fight your ticket.

Radar Check: Most people aren’t aware that you can ask the police officer to show you their radar read. People usually accept the ticket with no questions asked. While in fact, it’s actually difficult for a police officer to get a good read while moving or if there are other cars within close proximities.

Ticket Mistakes: Any discrepancies on your ticket can force the courts to forgo your ticket. A street address error or a typo can both help you get out of a speeding ticket. Review the ticket for mistakes while the officer is still on the scene.

Talk To A Traffic Ticket Attorney Lawyer

A criminal ticket attorney will be useful if an inexperienced police officer issues you a ticket. It’s also advisable to consult a traffic ticket attorney so they can study the specific language within the statute that they can use to fight your speeding ticket. And the best part is the consultation is free. Call My Tickets NYC, Queens for NYC’s best traffic ticket lawyers today. We can help relieve you of your problems, call or text them your ticket at 917-426-2WIN (2946) or email it to

Albany: New York Bill Allows Undocumented Immigrants To Have Driver’s Licenses

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The New York State Senate granted the Green Light Bill this past week, which allows undocumented immigrants to obtain a driver’s license. New York is the thirteenth state to administer this new law, much to the chagrin of Republicans. The vote was a resounding 33 to 29, with New York’s Democratic Party bolstering the majority of the seats which helped pass this new action.

Undocumented immigrants have been fighting for their right to legally obtain a driver’s license for decades. The new bill has stirred a passionate debate amongst Americans, though many fail to understand what the Green Light Bill actually means.

What The Green Light Bill Means

The Green Light Bill was signed into New York legislation on Monday, June 17, 2019. Governor Andrew Cuomo has been an avid supporter of the bill and took pride in being the one to officially sign it into action. The new bill allows for undocumented immigrants to obtain a standard driver’s license which they can use for identification and boarding of domestic flights.

The Debate

Naturally, the Green Light Bill has evoked political anxiety as well as civilian doubt since the news broke. The debate over an undocumented immigrant’s right to obtain a valid driver’s license is split between pro-immigration activists and those who are concerned with voter fraud. On the one hand, undocumented immigrants have been living in fear of being pulled over. Police encounters for something as simple as a traffic violation could mean separation from their children and a total upheaval to their way of life.

Others argue that the Green Light Bill is an incentive for more illegal activities and also allows immigrants to be able to vote. Prior to this bill, undocumented citizens were unable to register to vote in lieu of a valid driver’s license. Now that they can have these on hand, there is a major concern for voter fraud. There are even some clerks that are refusing to issue these citizens a driver’s license in fear of repercussions.

Prior Laws Concerning Undocumented Immigrants And Driver’s License

New York is the thirteenth state to give legal permission to immigrants to obtain a driver’s license. Before this, however, there were little repercussions for those undocumented who may have been pulled over by law enforcement.

As with anyone driving without a license, the standard procedure is to issue the driver a ticket for being an unlicensed operator. They are treated the same way as any other civilian, so there is no guarantee that this indictment would reveal their unlawful citizenship. It is only after a third ticket that the driver would be subject to criminal charges under Section 511 Article 20 of NY Vehicle and Traffic Law. Other than that, undocumented immigrants would have continued to go unnoticed, despite not having a valid driver’s license. The state of New York actually only credits a driver with an electronic ID number for their ticket to track points that are accumulated. If you received tickets you should seek legal counsel.

Call My Tickets NYC, Queens for NYC’s best traffic ticket lawyers today. We can help relieve you of your problems at 917-426-2WIN (2946) or complete the e-mail form.

Traffic Ticket Attorney Lawyer NY

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Driving on the road is part of the daily routine of car owners. Furthermore, an encounter with a traffic officer is also a common thing among drivers. Fortunately, there is an alternative solution to some road problems that you can face each day. We are talking about the Traffic Ticket Lawyer.

Advantages of  hiring a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Traffic Ticket Attorney Lawyer

Facing traffic charges can be stressful. It can even affect your reputation and your future. Hiring a Traffic Ticket Attorney is the perfect solution. With their help, you may be able to avoid a conviction when charged with a traffic offense.

You can be found NOT GUILTY with the help of your lawyer as they best represent you during the pre-trial conference and the trial itself. Another good thing about hiring a traffic lawyer is that the fee for their services is reasonable so you dont have to worry about an additional financial burden.  Depending on the ticket, you could end up paying fees for 1 to 3 years, so you must think of the best, most practical solution that is right for you.

Traffic Ticket attorneys specialize in traffic law and  can offer you a hassle-free experience because they know about the weaknesses and merits of a particular case. They will take responsibility for the handling of your case. With their help, you can have more chances of winning your ticket and they negotiate possibly lowering the points or dismissal of the violation of which you are charged. A Traffic Ticket Lawyer goes to court FOR you so you don’t have to miss work, school or your daily activities. If you want to avoid points on your license, then hiring a traffic ticket attorney is the best decision. The lawyer can help you to save your license, your driving record as well as your good reputation.

How Traffic Ticket Attorney Lawyer Works

Do you worry after receiving a traffic ticket? Worry no more, because a Traffic Ticket Lawyer will handle your case. They will have an initial assessment of your ticket. The attorney understands that a specific traffic offense can affect your license and even your future so they will utilize the best strategies and solutions to avoid possible problems for you.

But, you must also choose a traffic attorney wisely. Make sure that you are only dealing with a reputable, professional Traffic Ticket Lawyer so to can avoid forgery and scams. It is the best way to ensure that the time, money and effort you invested are all worth it. With the support of a trustworthy Traffic Ticket Lawyer you can have the best legal assistance that will maintain your license as well as a good name.

They work with extreme dedication and meticulousness to win your case. They can provide you with the best defense that will help you to reduce the burden that you may feel. If you want to avoid headaches with your traffic cases, then the Traffic Ticket Attorney will help you to eliminate this negative feeling. You can have a voice against traffic tickets. The services of Traffic Ticket Attorneys are open to all busy individuals in the community. It can be the best solution to remove the feeling of being mistreated by traffic officers.

Do you need a reliable service from real experts? Then our firm can be the best partner for your needs. We have a team of responsible Traffic Ticket Attorneys whom you can trust. Call us today at 917-426-2WIN (2946)! Text us your tickets at the same number, we would be happy to provide you with a free consultation.

Nabbed for “Speeding?” Don’t Despair! How Cops Catch You Matters.

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speeding tickets in New York

Everyone knows the anxious, sinking-stomach-feeling one gets when the rear view mirror shows an aggressively styled black and white car behind them… and how that feeling gets multiplied by a thousand when that car lights up like a carnival with red and blue flashing lights. Whether you’ve actually broken the law or not, in that moment, is immaterial—your blood pressure shoots through the roof. When it comes to speeding, however, it’s important to know that the situation might not be as “black and white” as the police car you’re so intimidated by. The experienced attorneys at My Tickets NYC can help you navigate the frustrating experience of fighting a speeding ticket. Their years of experience with traffic cases and courtrooms can drastically change the outcome of your case.

Did you know that there are several different ways police officers in New York can determine whether or not a driver was speeding? Understanding these methods and their limitations is one of the ways in which our attorneys are able to fight speeding tickets in New York so effectively.  Radar, LIDAR, aircraft, and pacing are the four most common methods.

Many people are familiar with the use of radar—they are also familiar with the sinking feeling one might have when you pass a police car and see the bulky radar gun aimed your way. These devices send out radio waves that bounce off of the vehicle. The device then measures their return frequency, which calculates the speed of the car. Radar guns don’t have to (necessarily) be precisely aimed at a single vehicle. Radar detectors can help warn drivers if radar is being used in the vicinity (but make sure they’re legal in your vehicle!).

LIDAR is a similar method, but instead of using radio waves, LIDAR devices send out a laser (beam of light). The speed at which the light is reflected back is used to determine the speed of the vehicle. In the case of LIDAR, the officer must aim at one particular vehicle.  Radar detectors do not detect LIDAR, and even specialized LIDAR detectors are inefficient and rarely warn drivers until it’s already too late to avoid being pulled over.

Aircraft are used by police officers to determine speeding in another way. The officer in the helicopter or plane will identify a vehicle and then measure the amount of time it takes to make it from one point to another.  He’ll then notify a ground unit in the area to intercept the speeder.

The simplest method, technologically speaking, that officers use to catch speeders is called pacing. Pacing occurs when an officer simply drives close to your vehicle at a constant speed to “pace” it—i.e. to determine your speed by matching it himself.

Attorneys have specialized knowledge of these procedures, including the training officers must undergo to use them effectively, policies on how they must be used, and laws and regulations regarding their use. Your attorney in a traffic ticket case can use this knowledge to negotiate lower fines or penalties, or even to defend you in court and have the ticket dropped altogether. They’ll know what questions to pose, and what limitations and vulnerabilities each of these methods have when it comes to accurately measuring speed—and that can be a huge help when it comes to fighting a ticket.

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