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Queens drive needs a traffic ticket lawyers

Queens driver now needs a traffic lawyer…

The traffic ticket lawyers at My Tickets NYC, based in Forest Hills, Queens, have been helping clients defend themselves against traffic tickets for over 20 years. Our attorneys have given the average person a voice and kept the money in the pockets of the hard working New Yorkers where it belongs.  Our mission is to keep our clients’ driving records clean while dealing with all of the headaches so that our clients do not miss work… all done in a manner that has the least impact on our clients’ lives and wallets.

My Tickets NYC Traffic Ticket Lawyers For Busy Queens & NYS Residents

Today getting pulled over by a traffic officer is commonplace. This occurrence happens to hundreds of New Yorkers in Queens and the other boroughs daily. And when it happens many people feel mistreated or wrongly accused. Even when people are not guilty, they often are so busy with the hustle bustle of life in New York that they can’t afford to take the time off from work to defend themselves.  Many think: “Why would the judge side with me when it is my word against the officers?” So they pay the ticket assuming that’s the quickest and most inexpensive way out of the situation. Eventually, the insurance company is informed of the ticket. They usually respond with higher premiums. In some cases, you get a letter from the DMV asking you to pay a Driving Responsibility Assessment fee or, worse, have your license suspended. At this moment, you may realize that pleading guilty wasn’t the best of ideas. The attorneys at My Tickets NYC will save you the hassle of taking off work and going to court before the trouble begins!

“Working with My Tickets NYC was a real pleasure. You made the process run smoothly and completely took the headache off my head; the next thing I knew was that the court date was yesterday and that my ticket was dismissed completely. Thanks a lot you guys are great.”

Itshak C.  –  Brooklyn, NY

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My Tickets NYC are Queens Traffic Ticket Lawyers That Can Help Even if You Think You are Guilty

Let’s say you received a traffic ticket in Queens or anywhere in NYC.  You might think “I am guilty of the violation; why hire an attorney to fight it?” In court, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. It’s the officer’s job to prove that you are guilty.  My Tickets NYC is here to defend you in the manner that is most likely to result in your favor. We will use every tactic, procedural or other, to make the officer’s testimony insufficient for a guilty verdict. Additionally, we take the hassle out of the process by carrying the burden of dealing with the ticket, from replying with a non-guilty plea to going to court as many times as necessary. We will keep you informed throughout the process until the headache is out of your life.

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